Application Form

Due to some errors with our application system, our method of applying to Wicked Mojo has changed: You must now supply the answers to the questions below in an email sent to [email protected].
Please try your best to keep the formatting clean and legible, thanks! :)

EXPECTATIONS: both during trial and raiding
- Use an up-to-date version of BigWigs.
- Provide your own flasks/food (if feast is not your optimal food)/potions for an entire raid night.
- Be able to listen to Ventrilo, an use it during a fight.
- Be active /check our forums regularly. A lot of information can be posted, and it is YOUR responsibility to both contribute and familiarize yourself with whatever information is contained on it.
- Be up-to-date on all class changes and resources. This includes, but is not limited to: Elitist Jerks, SimCraft, RAWR and other resources as applicable to your class.

General Questions
- Character Name:
- Realm:
- Class:
- Talent Spec:
- Armory Link:
- First Name:
- Age:
- Location:
- Time Zone:
- Available raid days and times (server time):
- Reply email address:

- Previous guilds and why did you leave or plan to leave them? Include any responsibilities, such as an officership or a class lead.
- Raiding experience in Original, TBC, and WotLK? Please clarify if you were involved in progression or simply farming.
- Paste your /played here for your character you are applying on. What previous characters did you raid as?
- Please supply a few World of Logs parses (list as many as you feel necessary). NOTE: DPS classes will not be considered without a recent parse.
- Anything you would like to add regarding your quality as a player?

Interface & Computer Performance
- Computer model or specifications
-- Video Card
-- CPU
-- Operating System
-- RAM

- Connection
-- Average latency to Black Dragonflight (make a low level alt on this realm to find out)
-- Go to Do a test, and copy the link it gives you here:
-- Wired or Wireless connection?

- Addons
-- Do you have the newest version of Ventrilo, along with a working microphone?
-- List any major mods you use, such as unit frames, raid frames, class-specific mods and any other mods you consider important for raiding.
-- Please provide a link to a high-resolution screenshot of your WoW UI

- Character
-- Talent spec?
-- Professions? Willing to chnage professions if asked?
-- Do you have the gear to play another spec if needed?

- Attendance
-- We currently raid Monday to Thursday from 8pm to 12am server time (Eastern). Can you make that availability? If not, which days and why?
-- Are you willing to sit the bench when required? We do not recruit people to sit on the bench. That being said, sometimes we may need to sit you for a veriety of reasons, including raid comp, stacking, etc.
-- Any major responsibilities that could interrupt your ability to raid? (eg. Unpredictable job schedule, high-maintenance family)

- Do you like to PvP? Are you good at it? What titles and/or rankings have you achieved?

How our trial works
If we accept your application as a trial, you will be invited to the guild on an initiate basis. You are expected to be on time for raids, with all consumables ready to go for the entire night. This period generally lasts about 2 weeks, although our officers will decide to shorten or lengten this period based on raid performance if need be. At the end of the trial a decision will be made to promote you to raider-status, to which your requirements to raid will not change, or decline the app altogether.

During this trial period do not expect to receive any loot. You will still accrue DKP at the same rate as a normal raider, but recieve a lower bidding priority than full raiders. At the end of the trail, you are free to spend your DKP on the same level as every other raider in the guild. DKP functionality and rules are avilable on our private forums if you are invited.

Thanks for applying, please email these questions plus your reponses to [email protected]